Penta Pano

Ultra high resolution images

Alluminium body

internal and external trigger mode

Penta Pano

The Smartdelta 150 Megapixel “Pentapano” 360 ° is a robust standalone 360 °  global shutter camera built in collaboration with our partner Nedinsco.

The Pentapano is one of the highest resolution 360 ° camera’s currently available and is equipped with real time automatic image optimisation, integrated processing unit, swappable SSD, high presision gps/Ins Combo for optimal positioning and altitude accuracy and 1 MS accurate GPS PPS timestamping via the on board Geotagger™

The Pentapano has been compiled based on customer requirements and recommendations and therefor ensures maximum quality and usability within different use cases, like for example Mobile Mapping, Asset inspection and analysis and Surveying.

"Capture the world in stunning detail and accuracy, empowering you to unlock endless possibilities in geospatial data collection and analysis."

Data sheet

Resolution                                                            5120 x 5120?

Megapixels                                                           157.2

Sensor name                                                        Gpixel GMAXO505

Sensor type                                                          Cmos

Sensor format                                                      1.1 inch

Readout method                                                  Global shutter

Pixel size                                                               2.5 x 2.5 micro m

Frame rate                                                            5 FPS

Trigger modes                                                      Internal, external, freerun 

ADC                                                                      8 Bit 12 Bit

Dynamic range db                                                70

Chroma                                                                 Color

Color                                                                      Anodized black

Power requirements                                            19-V 9 ampere

Power consumption                                             171 Watt    

Cooling                                                                 Active cooling

GPS antenna                                                         L1 + L2                                           



Camera (max width x height)                              300 x 270 mm

mount  (width x height)                                        110 x 140 mm                                                                                                                   

Weight                                                     12.3 KG                                                                                                                  





System configuration

CPU                                                      Intel NUC i7 12th gen, 16 GB ram DDR4,

500 GB SSD, NVMe ( x 2)

Operating System                                            Linux Ubuntu

Port                                                                 USB 3

Memory                                                          Swappable SSD 2 TB standard

Videocard                                                        Intel Iris  XE Graphics


Software                                                         Stitcher: supports Hugin and Open CV

camera model (*currently available for free)


Recommended software                              Smartdelta MMS (mobile Mapping Software)*

                                                                        Atlant Gis software*               

*Additional charge, annual license fee


External hardware                                             Support for additional hardware at request


Warranty                                                        2 years

Web browser like Chrome or Edge.

network connection

Penta Pano

Discover the game-changing power of our 360-degree 150-megapixel camera system for mobile mapping. Unleash unrivaled precision and detail, capturing the world with breathtaking clarity and opening new frontiers in geospatial data collection and analysis. Redefine your mapping projects with cutting-edge technology and witness the future of mobile mapping unfold before your eyes.

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