Smart Stitch

Image Stitching Algorithm

User-Friendly Interface

Real-Time Stitching

SD Stitcher

Unlocking Seamless Panoramic Imaging


Smart Stitch, an innovative image stitching software developed by
Smart Delta Systems & Solutions. Smart Stitch offers a user-friendly
solution for seamlessly stitching multiple images captured by 360 or 180-degree
cameras. With its advanced algorithms and real-time stitching capabilities,
Smart Stitch revolutionizes the process of creating panoramic images, enabling
users to capture and stitch immersive visuals effortlessly.

"smartdelta Stitching Software: Where high-resolution images seamlessly converge, creating a unified tapestry for the world to explore, and GIS integration becomes a breeze. Elevate your mapping projects with pixel-perfect precision and unlock a new dimension of visual storytelling."

Data sheet

Core I7 11th gen (or later)

Nvidea 1060 or (better)

Windows 10 (or later)

equirectangular images

Cubemap images






Smart Stitch

“Unleash the power of smartdelta Stitching Software, where high-resolution images seamlessly blend into GIS landscapes, transforming mapping projects into extraordinary visual journeys.”

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