Our smart Mobile
Mapping Solutions

Mobile Mapping Applications

with our mobile mapping system (MMS) you can acquire the data you need in the process of collecting geospatial data.

Software Development

Smart management requires individuals and organizations to use the geospatial information on mobile devices and desktop. With our applications we provide the information you need.

GIS Management System

Our application provides a real-time platform where all different types of data can be uploaded or updated and users can use the information using various tools and filters.

Smart Applications

Fast data acquisition and management, asset management systems, virtual city guide, IoT.

# Digital solutions

Mobile Mapping

The information collected during the process of collecting geospatial data provide CIS data, digital maps and geo-referenced images and (360˚) video, synchronized with GNSS, radar, laser LiDAR or any number of remote sensing systems. Our systems are composed of an integrated array of this information.


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