In a world changing fast and requirements for projects are never the same, companies, agencies and Governments need to be agile. Evolving their investments to meet new requirements is unavoidable. At SmartDelta we can help you making your company Smart. We evolve technology!

Technology plays a big role in this. Not everybody can create technology but we believe everybody should be able to use and benefit from all tech available. From high tech to basic mechanics, we fuse it all into your perfect solution.

Other interesting technology’s we have in development: Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles, Parking Management and 5G Developments.

We evolve technology!

Mobile Mapping

The information collected during the process of collecting geospatial data provide CIS data, digital maps and geo-referenced images and (360˚) video, synchronized with GNSS, radar, laser LiDAR or any...


Robotics is a science primarily focused on system integration. A well-designed robot will be able to translate its observations (obtained with the help of sensors) into actions performed by its actuators...

Safety & Security

We have developed camera systems for police, army and security companies. Continuous large-scale surveillance has proved of great value.


We see the demand for rental systems increasing. Investments are often a lengthy process for governments, but at crucial moments there is sufficient budget to rent systems.