Our Camera Systems

SmartPano camera system

The SmartPano is a great small formfactor camera, 8K 360 degree running our own Delta Recorder software.

The SmartPano is a great choice for mobile mapping. Especially in combination with our mounting system what fits in a small rugged case what is also included.

150Mpx Spherical camera system

Our own developed and designed spherical camera system is coming together. It’s still in the test stage now, but the end is near.



Our Software and Webserver

Delta Recorder software

Our Delta recorder is the best tool to watch all your incoming data on one place on the move!

Your active camera’s, your active workers, your live preview liDAR data, your live preview GPR data and all the systems that are up and running.

The best thing of the Delta Recorder is that you can see if there is a part that isn’t working. You can see all the connected parts on one display.


Atlant Webserver for Mobile Mapping

Atlant is our webserver where you can find all your recorded data. It’s great for measurement, observing and a lot more. You can bring all your data with you as long as you have an internet connection. 

Our webserver will convert all your data, you can use the format you are used to work in. Let Atlant do all the work for you! 

We made Atlant with our great team of profesionals, with Rene Bolhuis on the lead. We made Atlant very user friendly and with our support team always ready to help you!